Where Should I Shoot? 5 Helpful Tips

Photo By Richard Rosales

This question always plagued me when I started out and wanted to find places to shoot. I always wanted to find the most spectacular and beautiful place that I could find so that way my photos would look better. The truth is that I have gotten some great images from places that I would not have expected to get them. When I think back on where I would want to shoot and where I thought the best place to shoot would have drastically changed over time. The most important thing to do is get out and create because if you are spending too much time trying to find the perfect spot, you will be missing out on some great places.

Stay Close To Home

A lot of times, you think that your town and surrounding area just does not have the appeal of other places. When you get down to it, that is because we see it all the time. Some of my most popular photos are not far from my home. We need to take the blinders off when it comes to the area near where we live. If you stay close to home, you can also turn a weekend from one place into multiple places because you are not spending most of your time getting to the destination. I know that there are a lot of places that I can’t wait to visit, but if you have a busy schedule, this will help get you out and about to start capturing moments.

Look For The Less Beaten Path

When I am trying to pick somewhere to shoot, I try to think of a place that people don’t go very often. Yeah, I love going places that let me capture iconic images, but in the end, I am just taking the same picture that so many before me have taken. If you love nature, follow a hiking blog in your area because that will allow you to get to places that are less traveled. We take photos to stand out, and if we are taking the same picture that everyone else is taking, then it is harder for us to stand above the crowd. Now don’t get me wrong; you should always want to shoot amazing places all I am encouraging is that you broaden the spectrum to get more out of your traveling. 

The City

When in doubt, go down to the city and walk around and try to capture some candid images. When you go down to a busy city, it is infrequent to find the same shot from two different people. The reason is that the elements that are presented in the city. The city is evolving throughout the day; it can go from calm to chaotic in a blink of an eye. That means you will have the ability to capture a ton of different images that tell a bunch of different stories. We can create a great variety from one place and take in the elements that we have around us. So when in doubt, head to the city.

Make A List

When you have downtime, it is a great idea to sit down and make a list of places that you want to travel and take photos. When you do that, then you can take a lot of the guessing out when you are ready to go. The list also can serve as an organizational tool where you can rank them by distance or favorites. Now that the list is made, all you have to do is check it off as you go, and you can always add more to the list so that way you have somewhere to go and never run out. The list can also help you plan around other trips that you have planned. Maybe a location that you want to shoot is only 20 minutes from a hotel you are staying in. So make a list and add to it often.

Be Willing To Have The Location Be A Bust

Now I will admit that you may not always find a place that you feel is worth capturing, but that should never deter you from choosing it. When you think about places that you should be going, you need to get over the chance that the site might be a dud to you. However, if we choose places to take photos on the assumption that they may be something that we don’t even want to give a chance, then you could be missing out on some really amazing places. When traveling to shoot, you have to look at everything as an adventure, and half the fun should be finding out whether or not the location is incredible. Hey, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You never go back, or you don’t get as many images as you might have thought, well that doesn’t sound so bad.

These are tips that I have put in place that allowed me to go out and shoot even when my schedule is super hectic. If you can do your prep work on areas that you would like to visit it, make the whole choosing somewhere to shoot way less daunting of a task. The truth is that we don’t want to have to worry about where we are going to shoot the night before because then you will feel rushed and find that no matter what the location is like it will never live up to your expectations. In the end, for travel photography, most of the time, the best places are close to you because not everyone knows how lucky you have it, so show them.

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