5 National Parks Close To Vegas You Have To Visit

Photo By Richard Rosales

When we think about Las Vegas, we think about those big casinos that dwarf the strip, but there is some pretty great nature not too far away.

You wouldn’t think there were so many parks around, but there is a lot of outdoor activities that you can do. These National and State Parks are closer than you think and boast some fantastic nature. So, get off the strip and check out some incredible places that are drowned out by slot machines. Especially if you are an outdoor person that loves to hike and camp. There is plenty of fun for the whole family at each of these parks so make sure you check them out.

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Red Rock Canyon offers some of the most beautiful rock formations around that you will want to see more of. Nestled just minutes away from Las Vegas, you would not expect this beautiful National Park to be right in the back yard of the Las Vegas Strip. If you are looking just for a day getaway from Las Vegas, this is a great place to get your hike on. With trails that range from easy to hard, you will find one that fits the whole family. However, if you miss the strip that much, this park offers some hikes with payoff views of Las Vegas. This will give you a different perspective of the strip and is a lot of fun to wander around. Check out the Red Rocks website and start planning your stop in the beautiful red rocks.

Lake Mead Recreation Area

If water sports, hiking, and camping are your thing, then you should definitely take the time to check our Lake Mead. This one is also minutes away from the strip and offers a diverse amount of activities that will be fun for everyone. This is America’s first National Recreation Center, and it is for a reason. This could easily be a National Park with all the magnificent views and incredible rock formations. So, if you love to camp and have fun, then don’t hesitate to check out what Lake Mead has to offer. 

Death Valley National Park

The park of extremes is none other than Death Valley National Park from extreme heat to being over 282 feet below sea level. This park is definitely an extreme National Park. Just because it is the hottest National Park doesn’t mean that it is not full of some fantastic nature. If you want to see some tremendous views take an Artists Drive, and you will be amazed at what you find. Just make sure you understand in the summer how hot it can get and take plenty of water. Check out Death Valley National Park website for more information and more activities.

Zion National Park

If you have never been to Zion National Park, what are you waiting for because this place is impressive. A few hours away from Las Vegas, it still has the potential of being a fantastic day trip if you start early enough. Zion is like no other park that I have been to, and it is so spectacular to see all that it has to offer. Whether you want to hike high into the clouds on Angels Landing or wade through a river for a great pay off on The Narrows, this park is for you. Zion National Park offers impressive views and great activities for the whole family. Check out the Zion National Park website to plan your trip and see all the activities that you can do. 

Valley of Fire State Park

When you think about fantastic rock formation Valley of Fire State Park should be one that you think about. This is not the biggest park on the list but it boasts some major rock formations that you have to see to believe. A unique side note here if you are a Star Trek fan, you can take the hike White Domes Loop where Star Trek Generations used it for filming. Star Trek is not the only ones to shoot here, it makes sense because it is stunning. So, check out Valley Fire State Park website for further info and activities that will suit you.

Each of these National parks is not far from Las Vegas and makes for a great day trip to get out of the city. I love each and every park in their own way, and each offers a unique perspective on what a national park should be. Regardless of where you live and what you love doing, these parks provide great outdoor activities that will allow you to enjoy the park in your own way. Take a trip outside and enjoy the nature of our National Park system. 

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