What Photography Bag I Travel With (And You Should Consider)

Photo By Richard Rosales

When I started traveling, I went through more than a few bags, but I believe that I have found the one that is right for me and will stand the long haul. If you are like me you can spend hours in the photography bag aisle trying to find a bag that has everything that you want. The bag that I have found is one that I have been hunting for, for a long time. I will go through why I love it and why you might want to check it out for yourself. The ProMaster Cityscape 75 Backpack is also an affordable option compared to others in its space.

Overall Feel

The low profile of this bag helps the overall feel of this bag. I know previous bags just felt bulky on my back, and it is really annoying. You have to be aware of what is on your back and make sure you aren’t knocking into anything. I will say this feels more like a backpack for me and the weight distribution on my body makes for a nice feel. It helps me feel more comfortable when I am running around, trying to capture an image.

Surprising Amount of Space

When I first purchased this bag in the store, I justified that it was a bag that I can take on quick trips but turned out it had more than enough space for everything I wanted to bring. What does this mean? It means that I have some wasted bags sitting in my closet because I always keep this bag full and ready to roll. When I sat over it, contemplating how I was going to get all my gear in it, it turned out to be a lot easier than I expected.

Multiple Pockets

This might sound like it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it helps to be able to access items that you might need quickly. I fill these pockets with extra memory cards, some filters, and much more. When I am out running around, it helps me to be able to reach in and grab what I need with ease. This is something that helps keep you moving and shooting so we can capture the moment we are hunting for.

Lap Top Case

I know that most bags have built-in laptop cases, but I appreciate that this bag can fit my 15-inch laptop and still has some room to spare. When you think about other bags that have a laptop pocket, it seems like it is in the way. On ProMaster Cityscape 75 Backpack it is right on top of the bag that not only allows for easy access but helps with comfort because it isn’t pressing down on your back.

It’s Secure

The only way to access the camera storage area is to take off the bag. When I initially thought about it, I thought it was going to be annoying. However, I was pleasantly surprised because when I want to change lenses, I have to take the bag off anyway. The fact that no one can access my expensive camera gear without my knowledge makes me feel like I don’t have to worry about anything going on behind me and just enjoy the location.

Low Profile

I know that I touched on this a little bit above, but I wanted to expand just a bit. This bag is incredible because when you travel, it doesn’t take up much space. If you like to have your bag near you all the time it helps that it slides under an airplane seat very easily. It also takes up a small footprint when you are traveling with multiple people which allows you to make sure you have everything you need without sacrificing a lot of space to the bag.

Right now, I have been using this bag for several months, and I don’t have any complaints. If you are looking for a bag that works with you with great space and a low profile, you should check out the ProMaster Cityscape 75 Backpack. I have linked it so you can check it out on Amazon and see if it fits your needs. I know that the ProMaster Cityscape 75 Backpack will be my go-to bag when I travel because of all that it offers. I hope you take the time to check it out, especially if you are in the market for a new bag.

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