5 Crazy Things About Epcot

Photo By Richard Rosales

When we think about Epcot, we think about that beautiful Epcot ball that greets us at the entrance. However, Epcot has an interesting history even though it is one of the most visited parks that Disney has. I love Disneys Epcot park, and it is the only park that I visit the most when I make it to Disney World for vacation. I was always curious about the park, and hopefully, these crazy facts will help you appreciate Epcot just a little more.

Epcot Was The World Of Tomorrow

Walt Disney never planned for Epcot to be a theme park. That’s right, the original name for this area was the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” This park was intended to be a functional city that would be for the technology of the future. This is something that you might not expect, but you can still see the original model for Epcot on the people mover attraction in the Magic Kingdom. When we consider the type of man that Walt Disney was, it makes sense that he would have envisioned a community that would build towards the future.

Room For Eight More Countries

The Worlds Fair at Epcot has a total of 11 countries that you can visit, but it only opened up with nine countries in 1982. Although they added Morocco in 1984 and Norway in 1988, there is still enough land to build eight more countries in the world fair. Those long plots of land are the spaces that they had set aside for additional countries with the original vision for 31 countries in the world fair. That is a lot of countries but makes a lot of sense that it would be envisioned to be so big.

Countries That Never Were

A few of the countries that didn’t make it actually sound quite interesting to have. Israel was going to be one of the original expansion countries in The World Fair but didn’t come to be due to the fear of bringing religion into the park. Spain was another one all set to go, but due to a government change, it ended up being omitted as well. Equatorial Africa was another that did not make it due to political issues, but you can still see some remnants with smaller booths that reside near where the country would be found. The one that I am most disappointed in not seeing is Switzerland that would have brought a Matterhorn ride to Epcot, but the country did not approve it. I don’t know if we will ever see more countries in The Worlds Fair but I will say there is plenty of room.

Epcot Ball A Bio-Sphere

Although we know that the Epcot ball is not a Bio-Sphere, we do know that it was inspired by one. The Montreal Bio-Sphere inspired it from a Montreal Expo in 1967 and the company that built that Bio-Sphere was also the company that was contracted to construct the Epcot ball. Its proper name is the geodesic sphere and is the largest freestanding sphere in the world. So the next time you take a look at that great ball take notice of the intricate beauty that it really has.

Movie Pavilion That Inspired A Park

The pavilion that inspired a theme park was the Movie Pavillion. If you didn’t know, but Hollywood Studios started as an idea for a pavilion in Epcot. The Movie Pavilion was going to be a part of Epcot that would let guests explore some iconic moments in movie history. The idea became too big for the park to handle and morphed into MGM Studios Theme Park which was ultimately changed into the Hollywood Studios that we know today. The featured attractions were going to be the Great Movie Ride which was a staple for Hollywood Studios until its recent closure.

Although Epcot doesn’t seem like the best park that Disney has to offer the one thing that is true that it has a ton of history, it has changed the way people view cultures and has inspired theme parks into existence. The Theme park started as a dream city and turned into an inspiration to so many. This park is one of my favorites to visit, and I hope the next time you visit Epcot you can soak up a little bit of that history for yourself.

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